Wedding Vessel

What could be a more fitting symbol for a marriage than this? The belly is our shared life experience. The two spouts - our unique approaches, the naked surface, our new canvas. In some traditional Indigenous American and Mexican wedding ceremonies the vessel is used in the marriage rite. The “Novios” pass the vessel back and forth until each has sipped from both spouts. How fitting a metaphor for learning to see from the perspective of our mate! The vessel becomes a remembrance of the vows that were taken and the new container we have created together. These vessels are all one of a kind, made from white stoneware on a potter’s wheel, and assembled by hand.  The surfaces are smoothed and unglazed. This naked surface is also a metaphor. To become truly present and awake we must strip ourselves bare of our past and our agenda. “Sacred Union” gives us a chance to let go of our pre-conceived ideas of who we are. We come to one another as children – innocent and open. Together, we paint a life upon this blank surface. In our surrender to living from LOVE we discover who we really are – beyond our self-image, opinions or stories.


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Kind Words

To hold a piece of Nansee's ritual art is to journey into the heart of something that has stirred her soul, stunned her and compelled her to respond with forming something that feels like an offering or a prayer. I have several of Nansee's ceremonial pieces and they carry a power that honors and aligns the energy of every ritual I use them in. I wonder where she goes when she sits at her wheel...... even her kitchen bowls make eating cereal a more sacred experience.
– Toni Bernbaum