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  After spending a warm winter in Mexico, I return to a deliciously sprouting springtime in Northern California. And with me comes a knowing, finally and clearly, that my life is sourced from where I put my attention. Do I have my attention on fears and resentment? On love and gratitude? Where does my attention […]

Presence: Simply being with what is here.

When I first returned from Mexico this past June after a month long retreat, I was very quiet inside, so able to be in the moment and feel and see the vibration of life around me. As my days became busier with more demands, my walks with my puppy were different – it was hard […]

Traveling in Mexico

Many American friends ask me if I feel safe living and traveling in Mexico. They innocently assume that the terrible news stories they hear and read in the American media pertain to all of the country all of the time.  Our little village of La Manzanilla, situated on the Pacific coast, is safe and very […]

Seeing at the outer edges of your field of awareness

In recent months I have become a student of “The Way of Mastery”, a publication by the Shanti Christo Foundation. This work is a collection of channeled teachings by Jeshua ben Joseph as given to Jon Mark Hammer.  In Chapter 12, “You are Unlimited Spirit” it says: “At no time are you imprisoned within the […]

Return to the pottery studio

Sculpted elephants, polished little pots, wedding vessels, cereal bowls – yes, I am back to work! It is more like “play” and very rewarding! After living in Mexico for 8 months – rewarding in itself, but without a studio –  it is a true pleasure to be immersed once more in art-making. It brings me […]
Sunset wedding at Grand Bay, Isla de Navidad, Mexico

A Grand Bay Wedding/ Yachting Style

The sun was setting over the Pacific as we gathered on a rocky bluff to celebrate the love that radiated from Joanne and Jon. Here we were –  friends and family assembled – surrounded by  the beauty of the tropics,  sharing this moment filled with electric joy. Jon and Joanne arrived via dune buggy to […]
Learning to let thoughts be - not attaching to them

A Contemplative Life: Mind Training

One week ago my Mexican born puppy Nube (it means “Cloud” in Spanish) and I arrived in San Francisco. It was her first trip out of her country. I have been traveling back and forth for over 10 years now, spending my winters on the beach in La Manzanilla, summers in my cabin in Mendocino. […]
The flowering

The true meaning and promise of marriage

After performing hundreds of weddings and being married myself for over a decade, I have some observations about this rite of passage. Some people unconsciously approach marriage as a vehicle to quell fear and loneliness, and meet their “needs”. There is nothing wrong with that necessarily. However, marriage may not accomplish this goal. What it […]

Kirtan in La Manzanilla

Casa Luz was pleased to present Hari Bol live in a New Year’s Kirtan. Musicians Raoul Diaz on  harmonium, and Jimmy Shiva on tabla/percussion delivered a very moving Kirtan to the community of La Manzanilla in celebration of the New Year. Nearly fifty of us gathered under the full moon to welcome new beginnings, change […]

Spiritual study groups in La Manzanilla!

We  are people from all over North America and Mexico who join together every Sunday morning during the winter months in La Manzanilla. Each November, after summering in our diverse homes all over North and Central America we meet once again at our hub in La Manzanilla like spokes on the wheel to share our […]

The Eight Components of Love

As I quiet myself to prepare to write my first post, I am confronted with a wonderful question: “What do I deeply and authentically want to say?”  It is akin to the question: “What is my life about?” I dedicate this website and the following blog posts to this essential question. It is OUR question. […]