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The West Company – being a local entrepreneur

  I have been a client of the West Company MicroEnterprise Program since the 1980s. Shorty after I graduated from the Mendocino Art Center’s Advanced Ceramics Program in 1986, I built a small studio on my property. That year I became a client of the West Company and joined many other women (and men!) who […]

Biligual Weddings!

I am pleased to expand my business to include bilingual weddings in Spanish. I have spent many years living and traveling in Latin countries and feel a kinship with the culture and the language of my Latino friends.  Offering a ceremony in both English and Spanish honors your Hispanic roots. It is a way to […]

My friend Erica Fielder

I am moved to write a series of blog posts about the extraordinary women in my life. I truly am sustained by them. I know I am not alone. The Mendocino coast is brimming with truly amazing women. We know it and we love it and we celebrate it often. Here is my story about […]

Sylvia and Ray’s Wedding, Crying in the Rain.

    I was impressed with Sylvia from the moment she called me. Here is a mother of a 4 month old, a 5 year old special needs son and a 7 year old daughter planning an out of town wedding with her childhood sweetheart Ray, on a shoestring budget. Sylvia is a woman who […]

A Traditional Filipino Wedding

Janice and Ray Jan, high-school sweethearts, dreamed of someday getting married. Throughout the years they worked towards this day which marks the joining of their lives. They are accompanied only by close family members, “For the ideals, the understanding, and the mutual respect, which you bring to your life together, had their roots in the love and […]

Exploring the Edge as a Coach

To be effective and vital as a coach, I need to keep looking at those places just out of full view of my attention. This keeps me working on my own material, brings fresh information, and develops humility, compassion and skill. My most recent inquiry into these places just out of view was through dream […]

Inward eyes

A few days days ago I had a conversation with a Huichol beaded mask. I stood before it, transfixed. I listened and watched mostly – with an utterance occasionally falling from my lips. I began to notice that when I had thoughts about the mask – like what the face meant – the look on […]


  After spending a warm winter in Mexico, I return to a deliciously sprouting springtime in Northern California. And with me comes a knowing, finally and clearly, that my life is sourced from where I put my attention. Do I have my attention on fears and resentment? On love and gratitude? Where does my attention […]
Integral Coaching

Becoming a Life Coach

Many years ago I was given a simple and powerful tool for how to live. It was offered to me as a mantra for life in the form of three words: Love Praise Gratitude Choose to love others, to love life as it unfolds, and to love one-self. Recognize that we are all bathed in […]

My last days in India

I am in Tiruvannamalai, south India and the mercury is rising – along with my discomfort. I have not been feeling well and every time I eat I feel sick. I am burning up with the heat. Yet even in the midst of this swirl of dizziness and weakness, I am aware of the grace […]


Tiruvannamalai, located in Tamil Nadu, southern India is where Ramana Maharshi lived his life as an enlightened sage. Here at the foot of mount Arunachala lies his ashram – Ramanaashram. Although “Sri Bhavagan” left his body over 60 years ago, his presence is alive in this truly vibrant ashram, where many devotees live and work, […]

The Sacred Ganges River

The River Ganges gushes out of the Himalayas, the highest mountain range on earth. In Rishikesh she is a wide, cool, rapidly flowing and ever gurgling presence. Along her banks are ghats – or steps – leading down to the edge. Every evening at sunset, fire pujas with devotional chanting are performed along the ghats. […]

Papaji and Satsang Bhavan

HWL Poonja also known affectionately as “Papaji” has left this earth but his spirit and teachings live on. Here at Satsang Bhavan, the place where Papaji offered Satsang, we are gathered for three weeks of video Satsang with Papaji, in Lucknow, India. We are the guests of Brindavan Farm and Organic India. We have the […]

Awake in Rishikesh

Rishikesh, a holy city on the banks of the Ganges, is known for its ashrams, spiritual teachers, yoga centers and pilgrims.  Sadus,  cows and monkeys populate the pedestrian walkways, along with vendors, motorbikes, bicycles and everyone else. It’s colorful!   I am here to  attend open satsangs with Mooji. Satsang means “in association with truth”. […]

A Spiritual Pilgrimage to Mother India

    With 7 days remaining until my departure to Delhi, I have stuffed my bags with everything required to live on the road for the next 75 days. This is my 70th  birthday present – the journey I have  longed for. I leave everything familiar behind – puppy, husband,  friends, my comfy bed,  the ” security” […]

Julie and Victor tie the knot again, this time in La Manzanilla!

Celebrating a very special union in La Manzanilla, The wedding of Julie and Victor! Forty friends from Canada, the US and Mexico gathered one afternoon recently to celebrate Julie and Victor’s wedding. Founders of La Catalina Foundation, they support 39 children on scholarships and have a multi faceded and vibrant group of community programs geared […]

Julie and Victor get married in Mendocino

  “Call Julie regarding their wedding in Mendocino” the note said. My heart leaped with delight! Wow, what a lovely surprise.  What a sweet opportunity to perform a ceremony for two good friends – people Richard and I dearly love! I’m thrilled! For the next two weeks Julie and I had many telephone conversations between […]

Desiree and Marty

Desiree and Marty called me on a Monday and I married them on Tuesday! On a weekend getaway from Tahoe, Marty brought along their marriage license with the secret intention of giving Desiree an opportunity to tie the knot in a private ceremony on the coastal bluffs – before their big Tahoe wedding later this […]

Rainbow Tattoo Wedding ~ Index Finger Moustache!

    Meeting Erin and James, hearing their stories of love and hope, sharing and laughing with this delightful couple as we planned their ceremony was pure pleasure. Meeting their friends and family and performing their colorful wedding was pure joy. Erin’s stunningly beautiful tattoos of Kuan Yin and her Dragon by artist Jeff Gogue […]

Presence: Simply being with what is here.

When I first returned from Mexico this past June after a month long retreat, I was very quiet inside, so able to be in the moment and feel and see the vibration of life around me. As my days became busier with more demands, my walks with my puppy were different – it was hard […]

How to choose your wedding officiant

  Your wedding is a very special opportunity to speak your love for one another, to join your friends and family together in love and support, and to state your deepest intentions for your shared life. The person you choose as your minister or officiant can skillfully anchor and express your most heartfelt intentions in […]

Traveling in Mexico

Many American friends ask me if I feel safe living and traveling in Mexico. They innocently assume that the terrible news stories they hear and read in the American media pertain to all of the country all of the time.  Our little village of La Manzanilla, situated on the Pacific coast, is safe and very […]

Seeing at the outer edges of your field of awareness

In recent months I have become a student of “The Way of Mastery”, a publication by the Shanti Christo Foundation. This work is a collection of channeled teachings by Jeshua ben Joseph as given to Jon Mark Hammer.  In Chapter 12, “You are Unlimited Spirit” it says: “At no time are you imprisoned within the […]

Return to the pottery studio

Sculpted elephants, polished little pots, wedding vessels, cereal bowls – yes, I am back to work! It is more like “play” and very rewarding! After living in Mexico for 8 months – rewarding in itself, but without a studio –  it is a true pleasure to be immersed once more in art-making. It brings me […]
Sunset wedding at Grand Bay, Isla de Navidad, Mexico

A Grand Bay Wedding/ Yachting Style

The sun was setting over the Pacific as we gathered on a rocky bluff to celebrate the love that radiated from Joanne and Jon. Here we were –  friends and family assembled – surrounded by  the beauty of the tropics,  sharing this moment filled with electric joy. Jon and Joanne arrived via dune buggy to […]
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