A Traditional Filipino Wedding

Janice and Ray Jan, high-school sweethearts, dreamed of someday getting married.

Janice and Ray Jan
Janice and Ray Jan, Wedding 2012

Throughout the years they worked towards this day which marks the joining of their lives. They are accompanied only by close family members, “For the ideals, the understanding, and the mutual respect, which you bring to your life together, had their roots in the love and friendship and guidance your families gave you.”

Janice and Ray Jan choose to do the traditional Filipino vows and rituals. We gather under giant cypress boughs, on a bluff perched at the edge of  the Pacific to create three distinct rituals. They give special meaning and depth to our ceremony. It is a precious time for all of us as we celebrate the love between these two beautiful young people who choose to honor their families and their roots in their wedding ceremony.

First a white veil is placed over both their shoulders. “This day you promise to protect and clothe one another in love and loyalty. Let the veil remind you that you belong to each other and to no one else, and that the love you have for each other becomes more beautiful in self-surrender that is total and pure.”

Next, a lasso is placed over their shoulders in a figure 8 pattern atop the veil. This cord symbolizes the ideals of spiritual strength, righteousness, and infinity – values integral to the growth of their family. “You are what your children will be. It is from you that your children will draw strength.”

Lastly, Ray Jan’s father pours gold coins into his son’s cupped hands, who in turn pours these coins into his bride’s hands. “These coins signify prosperity, wealth and your commitment to mutually contribute to your relationship, your children and community.
Together may you aspire to better your life and the lives of those you love.
May yours be the fulfillment of dreams and aspirations.
You are wealthy indeed, as attested by the loved ones who are here with you today,bearing witness to your love for each other, with their best wishes on this your special day.”

May all blessings be yours, Janice and Ray Jan! Happy 5 year Anniversary!