Inward eyes


A few days days ago I had a conversation with a Huichol beaded mask. I stood before it, transfixed. I listened and watched mostly – with an utterance occasionally falling from my lips. I began to notice that when I had thoughts about the mask – like what the face meant – the look on the face would change to match my thought. When I had another thought, its face would change again. I was learning about projection and the nature of thought.

I learned many things in those moments before this shape shifting teacher. I learned that emptiness is full, and I learned about eyes that are turned inward, innocent and open. Such eyes are looking from the truth of being, from the inner looker – which is connected to the true voice. Such eyes look with neutrality on the world and have no preference. Such eyes are the love that allows and accepts all things as they are, allowing them to manifest and fall away as they choose. I have seen such eyes in the dying.


Today in my favorite local market, buying vegetables and fruit, was a friend who when our eyes met – showed me what such eyes look like in a living, breathing human being. When she spoke, her words were sourced from inside – they were bathed in truth. Do you know what it is like to hear the truth? We remember something essential. The chest, shoulders and belly soften. The breath deepens. It is like coming home. The heart is full of YES.