Becoming a Life Coach

Many years ago I was given a simple and powerful tool for how to live.
It was offered to me as a mantra for life in the form of three words:


Choose to love others, to love life as it unfolds, and to love one-self.
Recognize that we are all bathed in love.

Find what is beautiful and worthy of praise and acknowledge it, celebrate it, magnify it.

Be grateful for what is present right now. Life blesses you in every moment.

This is potent miracle medicine!

A year ago I was privileged to view a dvd of British poet David Whyte giving a keynote speech for a coaching conference in San Francisco. I witnessed an ordinary man doing an extraordinary thing: boldly revealing his life experience, his inspiration, his vulnerability, joys and sorrows. It struck me that I would want to know more about such a coaching school – a school that would look so deeply into the heart of our existence as human beings, and would invite such a speaker to their conference.

That school is New Ventures West where I am now completing their Professional Coaching Course. Integral coaching is grounded in a transformative philosophy that is consistent with the great teachings of the sages. It is founded in the Truth – that we are an exquisite facet of the Whole and are returning to that knowing. It is offered with love, good will, and respect, and contains a methodology that supports excellence, self- inquiry and self-responsibility. In doing the work, there exists the real possibility for us to live richly satisfying lives as we dive deeper and deeper into self-discovery. Integral coaching is a conversation for relationship, for possibility and for action. Our reflections, observations, practices and exercises open a space for discovery and release from suffering. They open the path inward towards reunion with the Self, that unwavering knowing that exists at the core of each one of us.

We are here on this earth as students and teachers to one another. We grow through relationship. We have the gift of consciousness, of language and of shared experience to use in our discovery of what is essential and enduring. We are an intertwined human family. As we transform ourselves, everything we touch is altered. We are here to learn to allow life in all its variations to pass through us like a mighty river. What more noble and satisfying way to be with others than to have conversations for this purpose. Every moment is a moment of creation. We are given many moments in this life. We are here to learn how to use them well – in service to our own growth, and to our families, our communities and our world.

Will you take on your life in such a way? Shall we step into this path together and alter our world one life at a time?