A Spiritual Pilgrimage to Mother India


Lord Ganesh
Lord Ganesh


With 7 days remaining until my departure to Delhi, I have stuffed my bags with everything required to live on the road for the next 75 days. This is my 70th  birthday present – the journey I have  longed for. I leave everything familiar behind – puppy, husband,  friends, my comfy bed,  the ” security” of a predictable life, and my identity. I become another face  in the sea of pilgrims seeking truth and release from the dream we call reality. And I am blessed to have such company.  Our gurus, way-showers and teachers await us. Gratitude  pours from my heart. Mother India, take me home to myself! I am ready to be consumed.




My travels will take me into the presence of two extraordinary beings. In Rishikesh on the banks of the Ganges in the foothills of the Himalayas, I will sit in satsang with Mooji.  My heart  is already with him there, and I hear his words in the stillness..  In mid march I’ll meet up with my friend Heather and together we will  retreat with my beloved Gangaji.




Ganesh is the Hindu God whose benefic blessing is invoked at the beginning of any new endeavor. He rides upon a rat. He is the God of good fortune, and the remover of obstacles.  Bless us all, Lord Ganesh,  as we pilgrimage to this far away land. May all beings be happy . May all beings be at peace. Om Shanti.