Julie and Victor get married in Mendocino


Victor and Julie on the beach in Mendocino

“Call Julie regarding their wedding in Mendocino” the note said. My heart leaped with delight! Wow, what a lovely surprise.  What a sweet opportunity to perform a ceremony for two good friends – people Richard and I dearly love! I’m thrilled!

For the next two weeks Julie and I had many telephone conversations between Mexico, San Francisco and Mendocino as we planned the event. Julie and Victor wanted to honor their family members by asking them to participate in the ceremony. The result was a three part event full of meaning for all of us. The theme of our day was “Pilgrim’s Crossing”. inspired by Julie’s 1000 mile pilgrimage in Spain and her first encounter with Victor.

A pilgrim is one on a quest, one who is open, searching and willing to push forward to achieve the goal. Together as friends and family of Julie and Victor, we created our own Pilgrim’s Crossing. It was a time to reflect, to open, to heal, to speak from the heart and to celebrate, It was a time to see with new eyes and be renewed.

We started with a traditional smudge.  Jack (Julie’s brother) and Richard (my husband) cleansed all the arrivals with sage. “The ritual of smudging with sage and sacred herbs comes to us from the native American peoples. In burning the sage, inhaling its fragrance, and bathing ourselves in its smoke we purify ourselves, clearing the energies that bind us. We let go of the past, we acknowledge our relationship to our Creator and we prepare ourselves for our Pilgrim’s Journey.”

We filed one by one in silence along the windswept coastal trail to a flat grass covered dune, Here we formed a circle. We arrive to this spot as pilgrims on a journey – our Pilgrim’s Crossing. We are invited to introduce ourselves, say where we are from, say our relationship to Julie and Victor and offer a word of blessing.

The next part of our journey is the phase of preparation, and we will do this in silence. We must prepare well, for our goal is holy and good and will last a lifetime. We have journeyed from many directions. Now we are making the final portion of our journey together, on foot, crossing over, as pilgrims, together, delivering Victor & Julie to Sacred Marriage.

We form a line and walk down a path to the beach. Victor and Julie lead the way and choose the place where we will witness their marriage.

On the beach we form a circle and place Julie and Victor inside it, surrounding them with shells. Julie and Victor perform a ceremony that honors all present and expresses their  love for one another. We are blessed to be here with them! Many beautiful tears and words are shared. These are tender and precious moments. We are all weeping and radiant.

May everyone who surrounds me
Come in peace and love towards me

Julie, Victor and Julie’s mother Joy

May all of my brothers and companions
be in the same communion

And everyone in peace
Serve our sister humanity

I invoke the spirit of the elderly brother
The spirit of the air and of nature
So all of these will help us to be the same force

And everyone together and in peace
Will walk in happiness and love

United everyone dancing
We’ll go to the cosmos and to infinity

My will be done


Que todos los que me rodean
Vengan en paz y amor hacia mi

Que todos mis hermanos, mis compañeros                
Todos estemos en una misma comunión

Y todos en paz,
Serviremos a nuestra hermana humanidad

Yo invoco al espíritu del hermano mayor,
Al espíritu del aire y de la naturaleza
Para que nos ayuden a ser una misma fuerza

Y todos juntos y en paz
Caminemos en alegría y amor

Unidos todos bailando
Iremos al cosmos y al infinito

Hagase mi voluntad.


Victor and Julie, May you live long and well, filled with wisdom and peace.

May you explore the mystery guided by love.

We honor and celebrate your marriage.