Julie and Victor tie the knot again, this time in La Manzanilla!

Celebrating a very special union in La Manzanilla,

The wedding of Julie and Victor!

Julie Catton Amezcua and Victor Amezcua
Julie Catton Amezcua ~ Victor Amezcua

Forty friends from Canada, the US and Mexico gathered one afternoon recently to celebrate Julie and Victor’s wedding. Founders of La Catalina Foundation, they support 39 children on scholarships and have a multi faceded and vibrant group of community programs geared towards providing educational opportunities to all. Julie and Victor were married in the courthouse in San Francisco this past summer, followed by a beautiful beach wedding for family in Mendocino a few weeks later. AND it was really special for all of us here in La Manzanilla to have our very own ceremony with them. Three times is a charm!

Wedding Dance to "Close to you" sung by all of us.
Wedding Dance to “Close to you”.
Celebrating diversity - one chocolate, one vanilla
Diversity – chocolate and vanilla