Desiree and Marty

Marty & Desiree

Desiree and Marty called me on a Monday and I married them on Tuesday! On a weekend getaway from Tahoe, Marty brought along their marriage license with the secret intention of giving Desiree an opportunity to tie the knot in a private ceremony on the coastal bluffs – before their big Tahoe wedding later this year. She loved the idea. We met at 3 pm in their hotel room, planned the ceremony together, and performed it at 4pm! Spontaneity, serendipity and creativity were our witnesses, along with Helen, their exuberant and generous hotel owner. Desiree in mini skirt and Marty in shorts and tee, were happily willing to follow the moments as they unfolded that day. Their wedding was a mix of loving words and joyful play. What a treat! This wedding had all the power and depth of any wedding I have performed because love, appreciation and joy were present in spades! Congratulations Desiree and Marty. Long life and happiness.