A Grand Bay Wedding/ Yachting Style

The sun was setting over the Pacific as we gathered on a rocky bluff to celebrate the love that radiated from Joanne and Jon. Here we were –  friends and family assembled – surrounded by  the beauty of the tropics,  sharing this moment filled with electric joy. Jon and Joanne arrived via dune buggy to our gathering and joyfully ( nearly skipping!) approached me – their minister – grinning at the water’s edge. The guests were cheering, clapping and whistling. Wow!

Nansee as she performs a Wedding Ceremony at Grand Bay Marina.   
Jon and Joanne, Grand Bay Wedding  
Grand Bay Wedding, Joanne speaks from her heart.

I have witnessed many weddings, but this had a mythic quality to it. The tears flowed, the smiles widened, and the cheers continued as they spoke their vows to one another. And these were not any pre-provided words. These words were straight from the heart, from a deepening love based on life in the trenches;  grounded in generosity  and authentic appreciation.

A second marriage can be one that has its foundation based in accumulated wisdom and a deep understanding of what is important in life. Such was our experience that day as we witnessed the miracle healing power of love.

Later we gathered on Jon and Joanne’s yacht at the Grand Bay Marina. Many other yacht owners were among their friends.  All 35 of us were lavishly provided food and drink as we enjoyed the evening on their beautiful floating estate.  I had the opportunity to meet some fabulously good people,  have some rich conversation and enjoy the fun!

Thank you Jon and Joanne! It was a time to remember!