Spiritual study groups in La Manzanilla!

Spiritual Community shines in La Manzanilla
Spiritual Community shines in La Manzanilla

We  are people from all over North America and Mexico who join together every Sunday morning during the winter months in La Manzanilla. Each November, after summering in our diverse homes all over North and Central America we meet once again at our hub in La Manzanilla like spokes on the wheel to share our favorite books, films and inspirations as we create our own unique spiritual community.

Through the beauty of cooperation, generosity, deep listening, and conscious communication  we have studied such rich material as:

“A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle

“The Untethered Soul” A Journey Beyond Yourself, by Michael Singer

“Synchro Destiny” by Deepak Chopra

“Love is Letting go of Fear” by Gerald Jampolsky

“The Presence Process” by Michael Brown

“Loving What Is” by Byron Katie

Plus video and audio from various teachers including Mooji, Gangaji, Tolle and Abraham.

Our group is always open. Come join us! We welcome you!