Vow Writing Tutorial

Your Vows are the heart of your ceremony. Your wedding vow is not only a vow you make to another. It is a vow you make to yourself. It states how you intend to be through all of your changing circumstances, challenges, disappointments and triumphs. It provides an inspiring and strong place to stand.  Where do you want to stand?

To get you started, I offer this free downloadable Tutorial

How to write your own vows

Your vows are an opportunity to speak from your authentic self. There is nothing you are required to say. There is no right or wrong way to say your vows. To begin, take a few breaths and feel the love you have for your partner residing deep in your chest. Next, look over the following questions and take notes on what bubbles up. .

~ What did I notice when we first met? How did I feel?

~When did I realize that this is the person I want to build a life with?

~What am I grateful for? (remember an experience or time when you felt deep love and appreciation for your future mate. What words might you want to offer them from this well of appreciation?)

~What do I bring to our relationship that is unique and valuable? What are my strengths? My offerings?

~How will I “be” when the unwanted or unexpected occur? What choice will I continue to make when faced with challenges?”

~What are 6 things about my partner that I admire most?

~How do I benefit by being in his/her life?

Look over what you have written and underline the things that are most important to you. Organize your material into main points. Look for themes, stories, ideas that you want to gather together. These are the bones of your final document

When you feel it begin to come together, practice reading it aloud. This will help you find your final words and your authentic voice. Trust in yourself and allow your wisdom to speak. It will be worth the effort and time you dedicate to it! If you get stuck in thinking about it or judging what you are writing, take a few deep breaths and again find that well of love you have for your partner.

Enjoy this process!