The Eight Components of Love

As I quiet myself to prepare to write my first post, I am confronted with a wonderful question: “What do I deeply and authentically want to say?”  It is akin to the question: “What is my life about?” I dedicate this website and the following blog posts to this essential question. It is OUR question.

Our human family and our beloved planet have been enduring and expressing the ravages of collective fear for millennia. We have lived in an illusion of scarcity. Humanity has committed monstrous acts against itself and all other forms of life on the planet, in the name of making us “safe.” This has been a long journey of misery and loss.

Yet penetrating the insanity there have been brilliant, conscious beings of light who have pointed us home. There are many awakened teachers suggesting that we stop telling to our “stories” and choose to be present to the gifts of the moment.  Thousands of people, perhaps millions, are remembering or discovering their essential nature – luminous awareness, connectedness and joy. We are learning to listen deeply, to be still, and to speak and act from our hearts. In learning to meet one another in the present moment with forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude, we transform our families, communities, and our relationship to the Earth.

We are 100% responsible for how we experience our lives. Every moment, every breath,  offers us a choice. We can choose love. We can choose peace. Love and peace are our essential nature. This realization comes when the voice for fear is no longer heard. And this too, is a choice.

~The  Eight Components of Love~




K i n d n e s s

C o m p a s s i o n

F o  r g  i  v  e  n  e  s  s

A    l    l    o    w    i    n    g

N   o   n   –   j  u  d  g  m  e   n   t

T              R               U            S                T


Based in trust my life is a wholly different experience. I choose to trust. Out of this choice, blossom a multitude of expressions of this force we call love. Without the foundation of trust, opening exists as an idea, not an experience. We are powerful and capable beyond our own knowing. Now is the time to awaken to all that we are and claim our birthright of joy and peace – a peace that is beyond our comprehension.

May all beings be peaceful ~ May all beings be happy